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A heavy truck is not just a big piece of hardware; it is a complex one. There are many different components to a commercial vehicle and trailer, both moving and not, that all have to work together to allow drivers to haul freight across thousands of kilometres a year. However, with this many components all working in harmony, not everything will work smoothly 100% of the time. Electrical and wiring are no exception to this, but it’s a vital element of heavy vehicle operations.

The Nervous System Of Your Heavy Truck

As with the human body, electrical and wiring are like the nervous system of a vehicle. While we’re not yet at the stage of pure electrically-propelled commercial trucks, all trucks require electricity and wiring for certain parts of the vehicle to operate. Headlights are the most obvious example of electrically powered parts, but the dashboard and even environmental systems like the air conditioner require electricity, and electrical wiring to carry that energy through.

Wiring and electrical, however, are not indestructible. Anything from rodents getting in and chewing wiring to the electrical components being dislodged or unseated by a collision can cause a malfunction. In some cases, this may result in impaired performance of the vehicle. In other cases, it may mean the vehicle won’t work at all.

We Can Help

J&W Fleet Mechanical Services is here to address any wiring and electrical problems a commercial truck or trailer may have. We are a small, 100% Canadian owned and operated family business with decades of experience working on commercial vehicles. We understand that for commercial trucking, vehicles need to be repaired fast, reliably and cost-effectively, because this is not about driving to work, the driving is the work itself, and the truck and trailer need to be in top condition.

If you have an electrical problem, we can track it down and address it. A commercial truck is a large vehicle, and the wiring harness can distribute wiring throughout the body of a truck. It takes experience, diligence, and the right tools to determine whether an electrical problem is the result of poor connection, or even a new physical defect, such as corrosion on a wire or the degradation of insulation. We’ll do what it takes to find the problem, understand what caused it, and not only repair the issue, but take steps to prevent it from happening again. If you want your repair done right, come to J&W Mechanical Fleet Services.

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