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Why Should You Choose Us?

February 4, 2013
By Jeffery White

Why Choose The Best Mechanics In Calgary? Customer satisfaction is our guiding principal at J & W Mechanical Fleet Services. For the past 15 years and with over 170 combined years of heavy-duty truck repair and fleet maintenance services experience, J & W is a premier Calgary diesel service. Offering a full array of fleet maintenance services, J & W can handle all of your repair and maintenance needs.

Preventative and Periodic Maintenance

Periodic preventative maintenance is imperative for short and long haul vehicles and will extend the useful lives of your heavy trucks. J & W’s periodic fleet maintenance services are comprehensive and include engine, air compressor, alternator, battery, starter, fan drive, transmission, suspension, drive-line, exhaust and brake inspections. All systems, including electrical and air conditioning, are assured to be in good working order. Any necessary lubricating, such as of the drive-line, king pins, etc is performed, damaged and decayed parts are replaced.

Heavy Truck and Trailer Repair

As the best mechanics in Calgary – J&W provides emergency drop in breakdown fleet maintenance services and repair. Comprehensive fleet maintenance services include diagnostic service, as well as our EFI ( Exhaust, fuel, and Intake) flush (the revolutionary new machine that completely cleans injectors and the fuel system and eliminates the need to remove or replace the DPS filter). Replacing clutches and even rebuilding transmissions and differentials are performed in shop, as well as fixing their leaks. With our in-shop fleet maintenance services, we can replace springs and hangers, and cut, weld and even fabricate frames and trailer skin.

Tire Repair, Replacement & Changeovers

Proper tire maintenance is critical to fleet maintenance services, being the third largest operating cost of most fleets. J & W’s tire services include analyzing the present condition of the fleet, recommending the right product and conducting regular follow-up to ensure satisfaction. J & W offers new tires, replacements and changeovers, as well as emergency fleet maintenance services. J & W Mechanical Fleet Services’ certified mechanics quickly repair the tire, and get your diesel truck back on the road in no time.

Brake Repair

Freight operators know that many brake problems are hidden. At J & W, our experienced mechanics realize this as well, and have the experience and skill to determine exactly where your brake defect lies. Hoses and rubber lines get damaged from flying debris in a wide array of places as well as from compressor oil getting into the system. If the air dryer malfunctions, too much moisture retained in the system can freeze and plug the whole system. Knowing what to look for, our expert Calgary diesel mechanics take the time to root out the cause of the problem, eliminate it, and get your trucks back on the road.

Air Conditioning Repair & Recharge

Whether a replacement part, such as an air filter, condenser or blower, a Freon recharge or a new air conditioner, J & W Mechanical provides the fleet maintenance services to keep your cabs comfortable. Over time, the system needs to be recharged with new refrigerant pumped into the compressor. Additionally, from time to time leaks develop in either the hoses or a front seal on the compressor. J & W’s fleet maintenance services experts have the equipment to drain and vacuum the system to determine the location of the leak and repair it quickly.

Safety Inspections

Heavy trucks with a combined weight of 11,794 kg are required to have an annual safety inspection. Engine, drive-line, steering, braking systems, electrical (including wiring and lights), tires and even glass, all must meet Alberta’s strict standards. J & W’s fleet maintenance services are accredited by the Vehicle Safety Section and provide thorough Alberta Commercial Vehicle Inspections while complying strictly with all safety standards.J & W has the capacity to conduct safety inspections on fleets, as well as single trucks and trailers.

Best Mechanics In Calgary With Amazing Customer Service

Your one stop shop for the best Calgary diesel fleet maintenance services, J & W provides expert, skilled heavy duty truck and trailer fleet maintenance, provides genuine advice, and prides itself on its efficient, friendly work. Providing the highest standard in mechanical service, J & W ensures the peace of mind that comes with a well-maintained fleet. One of the benefits of dealing with a mid-sized company is that, once you are a customer of J & W Mechanical Fleet Services, Inc., you become like family.

Whether it’s an emergency breakdown, regular preventative maintenance, welding and fabrication, tires or engine repair, J & W provides a full array of fleet maintenance services. Experience for yourself, the best service, and best prices offered. Give J & W the chance to exceed your expectations.

The information on this page may have changed since we first published it and is for informational use only and is no substitute for actual professional advice. If you’d like to establish a relationship, reach out to us and we’ll tell you how we can make it official.