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What to Expect With a Commercial Vehicle Inspection

March 4, 2015
By Jeffery White

If you have a fleet of trucks, those vehicles will need to undergo regular safety inspections. The Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program, implemented by the Alberta Ministry of Transportation, features a number of different safety checks to ensure that the vehicle is safe to be on the roads of Alberta. The inspection will cover many different aspects of the vehicle, including the exhaust system and fuel system, the steering, engine, brakes, lamps and wiring, defrosters, wipers, and glass. It will also check the body condition of the truck amongst many other things. The test is very comprehensive.

What to Expect

Those who have never been through one of these inspections before tend to have quite a few questions, and they really have no idea what they should expect. Fortunately, it’s a rather painless affair most of the time. The length of time that it takes for an inspection can vary, naturally. It depends on the size of the vehicle, as well as the condition of the vehicle. Most of the time, it will take no more than a few hours. In order to make sure that the vehicle gets through the inspection as quickly as possible, clean the vehicle before coming in for the inspection and make sure that there is no cargo in or on the vehicle.

What If Your vehicle does not pass the inspection

Well-maintained trucks do not usually run the risk of failing. However, there could always be issues you are unaware of with the vehicle. In the event that the truck does fail the inspection, the facility will provide you with a list of any repairs that the truck will need in order to pass the inspection. Once you receive the results, you will have the option of fixing at the shop the inspection was done at or you can take the truck to your favorite shop and have it repaired, you then have ten days to complete all of the repairs to get the truck to the point where it can pass a re-inspection.

Upon Passing

When you pass the inspection, you will receive several documents and a sticker that is placed on the left-hand side window for trucks and the right side for busses. You will need to display the sticker, as this is a quick visual indicator that you passed your most recent inspection. The first document is the Record of Inspection, The second is the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Certificate. You can copy both of these to keep in your company files. Always keep one in the vehicle and one in the office.

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