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What Happens After an Accident in a Heavy Truck?

October 10, 2015
By Jeffery White

Heavy truck drivers spend a lot of time behind the wheel – far more than most other people. This is true whether they are driving a local route or they are traveling across the country or out of the country. You will find a number of rules and regulations that drivers need to follow, and these rules are in place to help reduce the number of accidents that occur. As helpful as the rules can be, accidents still can and do happen, and it is important to know how to deal with an accident if it occurs. There are some differences from getting into an accident with a personal car or truck, and it is important to note those differences.

An accident in a heavy truck can be very dangerous, and sometimes deadly. The first thing you need to do is make sure that people are safe. Call for help immediately. It may be a good idea for drivers to have some basic first aid training in the event they find themselves in this situation or happen upon an accident. Once you make sure the people are safe, you need to check on the cargo you are carrying. Did it spill? What were you carrying? Could it be dangerous? Has it blocked the roadway?

You also need to call your employer and your insurance agency. If you are self-employed and driving your own heavy truck, you will just need to talk to the insurance agency. In some cases, the employer will notify the insurance company for you. Know the policies that the fleet operations manager has in place in the event of an accident. You will then work with the employer and the insurance agency to sort out all of the issues. It is important to remember that you should not admit fault at the accident scene or to the other party’s insurance companies. This is a matter for the heavy truck insurance company to hash out, and saying anything could compromise your case.

No one likes to think about being in an heavy truck accident, and no one wants it to happen to them. Accidents do happen though, so having an idea of what you need to do can make it easier to deal with it.

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