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Many people in Calgary and Alberta rely on their vehicles to get to and from work, but only professional logistics drivers rely on their vehicles as a major tool of the trade. It’s this combination of using heavy trucks for many hours of the day and needing reliable operation that makes repairs a serious investment. The transmission is a crucial part of smooth and safe driving.

Today’s trucks are much more sophisticated than older models with advanced transmission differentials and drive trains that give more power and control to drivers. That’s why when something goes wrong, you need it addressed as quickly as possible, and you need to know that the repair is a quality job because your life and your livelihood rely on it.

At J&W Fleet Mechanical, we understand your priorities, and we respect them. Whether you’re a company with a fleet or a one-person operation, the size of the job doesn’t matter to us. We know that your job is on the line and ensure that you’re able to do it because we take our responsibility seriously.

Transmission Differentials

For all your transmission, differential and driveline needs, J&W Fleet Mechanical Services is here for you. Come down with your truck if you need any of the following:

  • Transmission exchange on standard and automatic
  • Transmission rebuild on standard transmissions
  • All driveline repair and or replace
  • Transmission service and differential service
  • Repair and or replace driveline
  • Clutch repair or replace
  • PTO repair or replace

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