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Tips for Staying Awake and Alert on the Road

September 26, 2015
By Jeffery White

Spending long hours on the road can be draining on the mind and on the eyes, and this can lead to being tired behind the wheel, which is something you never want to experience. Truckers should never drive when they are tired. It’s better to pull off the road and get the needed rest. Even when you have plenty of rest though, there’s always the danger of feeling drowsy; it’s the nature of driving. You can find a number of different tricks that can help you staying awake and alert though. Consider combining several of them for the best effect.

First, consider the temperature. When you have it warm in the cab, combined with the hum of the road, it can lull your senses. If you feel that happening, it’s time to turn on the AC or roll down a window to drop the temperature. This gives the body a nice jolt.

Second, caffeine and sugar do work to make you more alert, but you have to be aware that this is a quick fix that will not last for long. It’s a pick-me-up, but only a temporary solution if you are actually tired. Those who need sleep should not rely on caffeine. Instead, they should get sleep. However, when you are first waking up in the morning, or whenever you start driving, it can be a great way to get going to help staying awake.

Third, get some exercise. A little bit of exercise is enough to get the blood flowing. Many find that some exercise before they start driving actually works better for them than coffee. Once you start exercising a bit more and more each day, you will often discover that you are building up your overall energy levels. You may even get to the point where you no longer need caffeine or sugar at all.

Fourth, turn up the radio. You can find that music, radio talk shows, and podcasts are great ways to staying awake and to keep the mind busy when you are on the road. However, you should be aware that a radio show host that has a low and droning voice could actually have the opposite effect on you. Feel free to sing along to some music that you like as well. It’s another way for staying awake.

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