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Tips for Improving a Trucking Fleet

September 19, 2015
By Jeffery White

When you have a trucking fleet, you need to make sure that the vehicles are safe and that they are in operable condition at all times. Managing even a small fleet can be a challenge, but it is possible with just a little planning and some hard work.

Create Maintenance Schedules

This is one of the most important elements of having a fleet of vehicles that will continue to operate without breakdowns and other incidents. All trucking fleet trucks need to have routine maintenance to change the oil, check the brakes, and other systems in the vehicle, and to make sure there are no large repairs looming. Keeping the vehicles on this schedule can help to eliminate any costly surprises. You might find that some of the vehicles need to have more maintenance simply because they are older. Each vehicle should have its own schedule so that it gets serviced when it needs it.

Keep Records Of Your Trucking Fleet

The only way to keep track of these different maintenance schedules is to have records. Keep records of the last inspection, when the next maintenance trip is due, and any and all problems found and repaired with the vehicle. Keeping quality records will let you know when a vehicle is starting to cost you more than it is worth.

Also, keep records regarding the loads the vehicles haul and the number of miles they are driving. Changes to the truck’s normal usage could mean that they will need to have a visit to the mechanic for a checkup sooner.

Keep the Vehicles Clean

Some trucking fleet managers do not worry about the interior condition of the vehicles and leave it up to the drivers to clean them. This could be a mistake. While many drivers are conscientious and will take care of the vehicle, some will not. You should make sure that the vehicle receives a cleaning regularly – at least once a month. You could have people onsite who do it, or you could take it to the professionals.

Hire the Best Drivers

To get the most use out of the vehicles, you need to have a good pool of drivers for your trucking fleet. Find and hire drivers who have clean records and who know how to take care of the vehicles.

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