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The Best Truck Service Shops Offer These Things

March 5, 2020
By Jeffery White

If you are a small or even a larger business, then you know how frustrating it can be when one or more of your trucks are experiencing problems and require repairs to get them back on the road and you back in business. So, as you look for a service shop, you will find that the best truck service shops will offer these things.

CVIP Inspections

The Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program is mandatory and helps to maintain and enhance the safety of all commercial vehicles. So, when choosing a truck service shop, you want one that is qualified to conduct CVIP inspections.

Full-Service Transmission

The best truck service shops will also full-service transmission services for commercial vehicles. This includes transmission rebuilds, all drive line repairs, and replacements, transmission and differential services, repairs and replacements of the driveline, clutch, and PTO.

Brake Service

Another important aspect of your truck’s operation and safety are the brakes. A service shop that can diagnose and repair all hydraulic brake systems on your commercial trucks is imperative to keep them on the road. The shop should also offer brake adjustments and checks on all brake components, including the drums, rotors, linings, maxipot, S-cams bushing and springs, wheel seals, and hub oil.

Complete Servicing

Having a shop that performs complete servicing on all the trucks in your fleet is also essential, so you don’t have to go to several places to get repairs and maintenance done. A good truck service shop will take care of oil changes and transmission checks along with preventative maintenance.

Computer Diagnostics

Computer diagnostics are used to help pinpoint any problems there are in your truck. So, finding a shop with this technology is beneficial. Even if you have just one light on the dash, this can ultimately lead to several other problems that need to be repaired.

If you find you have problem indications with OBD or a blinking check engine light, then a full-service truck repair shop that has qualified personnel familiar with computer diagnostic tools is important.

Engine Service

Just as important as a full-service transmission shop is one that can fully service the engine of your truck as well. They can perform complete computer diagnostics, a fuel system repair, teardown and rebuild an engine when necessary, install long and short blocks, service the engine regularly, and perform tune-ups all of which are essential for keeping the truck in proper working order and on the road.

You can find all of these services and more when you visit J&W Mechanical Fleet Services in Calgary.

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