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Seven Signs Your Heavy Truck Clutches Need To Be Replaced

August 19, 2020
By Jeffery White

Your rig is your livelihood. If it is not working, chances are you aren’t either. That is why regular semi truck maintenance is so important.

Heavy truck clutches help you navigate that truck of yours down the road easily. You have to know the signs indicating that you need to get to the repair shop before it is too late.

• The Clutch Starts Slipping: When the friction plate is worn, there is less material to grab the flywheel and pressure plate. Slipping happens due to a lack of friction to hold everything tight. You may notice the engine revs higher than normal, the clutch disengages faster, and your acceleration is slower. Another sign is if you notice a burning smell.

• Sticky Clutch: When your truck has difficulty disengaging after the pedal is pressed, there may be a problem with the clutch linkage. See your mechanic right away.

• Hard Clutch: A soft heavy truck clutch is not ideal, but you shouldn’t have to find it difficult to engage and disengage. If you feel as if you are fighting your clutch, that’s a problem you should address at once.

• Insufficient Give: A hard clutch can also contribute to an insufficient clutch pedal give. Your clutch should have at least a two-inch give before it engages. If you find it is more than that or even less, have it checked out.

• Odd Transmission Noises: It is normal for your truck to be loud, but there are “normal” and “out-of-the-ordinary” noises. Grinding and screeching when you shift indicates a bad clutch mechanism. Have your mechanic look into the issue.

• Struggling To Get Into Gear: If you can push your clutch pedal down but shifting into the gear is difficult, it is usually caused due to low hydraulic fluid levels. It can also be caused by bad heavy truck clutch linkage. This can happen when you try to shift into first or when you are driving and trying to switch gears.

• It Just Feels Wrong: As a driver, you know your truck well. You know what the clutch pedal should feel like. For example, if it feels soft or spongy, the system may have air in it. You know better than anyone when your clutch does not feel right, so take it in for an inspection if you sense that something is amiss.

No matter what is wrong with your heavy truck clutches, you can be assured that the knowledgeable and experienced team at J & W Mechanical Fleet Services can help. With over 20 years in business, we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction above all else. Drop by our repair shop today, or call us for more information.

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