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Semi Truck Repairs 101: Top 5 Things You Should Learn

March 26, 2020
By Jeffery White

Whether you just earned your CDL or you’re a seasoned long haul trucker, there are some important things every driver should know about semi truck repairs. Regular maintenance can help reduce wear and tear on your engine, saving time and money. To get started here are the top five things you should learn about semi truck repairs

Schedule Regular Oil Changes

Oil lubricates your engine and absorbs heat. Over time, oil begins to breakdown and becomes less effective at lubricating the engine which can lead to major engine malfunctions. Scheduling regular oil changes can help avoid these issues. It’s recommended that you change your oil every 8,000 km, but this varies depending on the use and manufacturer. Talk to your mechanic about the frequency.

Have Your Tires Rotated

Tire rotation helps ensure that your tires wear evenly. This is especially important on an 18 wheeler. Tires need to stay in good shape to avoid blowouts on the road, properly balance your load, and reduce your fuel consumption. Your mechanic can help recommend a regular tire rotation.

Get Your Fluids Checked Twice A Year

Your truck uses a variety of different fluids including brake fluid, coolant, and even windshield wiper fluid. These fluids are critical to the performance of your engine, especially on diesel engines. You can learn how to check your fluids in your truck’s manual or you can have your service technician check them regularly as part of your maintenance schedule.

Inspect Your Suspension

Your suspension is one of the most important things on your semi-truck. Suspension helps keep your wheels in contact with the road. With trucks, especially trucks hauling large loads, this is important to prevent the vehicle from tipping over, losing a load, or losing control. A suspension system that’s in good shape also helps prevent engine and body wear and tear. Your suspension should be checked every time you drive, so have your mechanic show you how to check your suspension.

Work With A Reputable Mechanic For Semi Truck Repairs

Finally, when it comes to semi truck repairs, you want to make sure that you work with someone who has the expertise. Semi-trucks are far more dangerous when they are not properly maintained. You can also get into legal trouble if your vehicle does not match regulations during an inspection. So make sure that you always check the certifications and licenses of any mechanic that you hire.

At J & W Mechanical Fleet Services, we have been servicing semi trucks for nearly 20 years. Our mechanics will help ensure that your vehicle runs beautifully, but will pass inspection. Give us a call to learn more!

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