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Semi Truck Repair Experts in Calgary

April 3, 2013
By Jeffery White

As any owner knows, owing a heavy truck or a fleet of heavy trucks and trailers can become a costly business, especially when it comes to repairs. In order to minimize these costs, it is important for truck owners to engage in routine maintenance and inspection of their vehicles. By doing this, they will be able to reduce semi or heavy truck repair costs extensively. Here at J & W Mechanical Fleet Services Inc., heavy and semi trucks receive the very best care and maintenance from our mechanics.

Benefits of Performing Regular Maintenance Checks

Semi truck owners who believe in cutting costs on routine maintenance and inspection will soon find out that they will actually spend far more money on heavy truck repair costs than those who don’t. By scheduling regular routine inspections of their units, truck owners will be made aware of mechanical problems which could become far more serious if left unattended. For example, if a single gear is not engaging correctly, not having it repaired could lead to the truck owner having to replace the entire gearbox within a short time. This is why regular maintenance checks will save a lot of money in the long run.

What to Expect During Regular Maintenance Inspections

When it comes to semi truck repair and routine inspections, J & W Mechanical Fleet Services Inc. will ensure that all rigs that pass through their workshop are subject to a rigorous check which will include items like wheel bearings, clutch inspection, oil levels, brake system checks, and drive line and even fifth wheel maintenance and repairs if necessary. If there is a particular mechanical fault that requires attention, a diesel mechanic will ensure that repairs or replacement of any parts is undertaken as efficiently as possible. We also keep our clients well informed regarding the progress of any repairs or services that are carried out on their trucks.

Look No Further for Your Semi Truck Repair Requirements

By having J & W Mechanical Fleet Services Inc. carry out routine maintenance inspections of your truck, you can be sure that all inspections and repairs are carried out to the highest industry standards, not only industry standards but the owners standards. We will ensure that truckers and owners experience as little downtime as possible because we are aware that this results in lost revenue. All semi truck and trailer repair costs are discussed with truck owners prior to any work being carried out. This allows truck and fleet owners to plan ahead with regards to maintenance costs and repairs. We also offer all of our clients nothing but the most professional level of service at all times.

By scheduling regular repair and maintenance checks for trucks, it is a surefire way to prevent unnecessary downtime and loss of revenue for trucking companies. Truck owners who use J & W Mechanical Fleet Services Inc. will also have the peace of mind in knowing that their vehicles are treated with the utmost care while in our workshop. When looking for a workshop to carry out any form of semi truck or trailer repair, it is important to choose a workshop that is efficient and reliable, Here at J & W we exactly that.

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