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Safe Driving Tips for Tractor Trailer Drivers

March 19, 2015
By Jeffery White

Driving a tractor trailer can be dangerous business. Read the following simple safe driving tips to learn how to be as safe as possible in these large trucks.

Driving a tractor trailer is a huge responsibility, and you need to make sure that you are always practicing safety first. The large vehicles can cause serious amounts of damage, not to mention fatal injuries, in the event of an accident. Following some simple and common sense safe driving tips can help to reduce the risk of you being in an accident with your tractor trailer.

Drivers in trucks know how long it takes them to stop, even when they have a full load. That’s why they should try to ensure that they have plenty of space between their vehicle and the other vehicles on the road. When drivers cut in front and slow down, it can be difficult to maintain this, but it is possible.

Truck drivers also need to be sure there is enough space from the top of their vehicle and any tunnels or bridges they might encounter. Having a solid travel plan and knowing what is coming up can help with this immensely. Another thing to consider when traveling is keeping tabs on the weather, as this can affect how you will be driving. For example, driving in the rain or the snow will require you to slow down, and possibly even reroute depending on traffic and accidents on the roadway

Speed is also an important factor when driving a tractor trailer. Drivers need to be aware of their speed at all times, and they need to know how long it will take to stop at different speeds. Keep in mind that it can take more time to stop on hills, roads with curves, in inclement weather, and even on secondary roads. You need to consider all of these aspects when you are driving a tractor trailer.

Other factors that can affect many drivers include driving distracted and being behind the wheel when tired. When you are driving, you need to keep your full attention on the road and not on the phone or the radio. You need to make sure that you have plenty of rest as well. Otherwise, it can slow your reaction time. In some cases, drivers have even fallen asleep behind the wheel.

These are some of the most important safe driving tips you will want to keep in mind. Even professional drivers can use a reminder once in a while.

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