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Rates & Fees

Are repair shops transparent with the pricing and fees? The answer is: it depends on the shop. However, it’s our mission to be fully transparent with our pricing and costs, which is why we publish all of our parts, service, hourly rates, and CVIP prices on our website.

If you have any questions about our pricing and fees, please contact us at 403-248-1696.


Starting at $200 Per Unit


Starting at $100 Per Hour


Starting at $250 Per Unit


$115 Per Hour

CVIP Inspection Service*

Each unit has 10-days after the CVIP is complete to have the work finished. If repairs are not finished by the 10th day, it is mandatory that the unit be reinspected as per Alberta Transportation.

If you are unsure what Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program safety inspection is required, please contact us at +1-403-248-1696 or send an email to [email protected]

Truck Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program
$ 250
Truck CVIP with Wheels Removed** *Required for units with disc brakes.
$ 410
Trailer Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program
$ 200


Trailer Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program with Wheels Removed *Required for units with electric brakes.
$ 360


Busses, Limos, Motor Coach CVIP *busses, limos, and motorcoaches must be inspected every 6 months. *Wheels must be removed every 12-months.
$ 250


Busses, Limos, Motor Coach CVIP With Wheels Removed**
$ 410



**If your truck or trailer has Dayton wheels there is an additional charge of $195 per axle, plus the base rate and parts.

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