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Out of Province Inspections

February 16, 2013
By Jeffery White

The province of Alberta has a required process for vehicles not registered in Alberta that is called an out of province inspection. This process is mandatory for all vehicles, from cars to trucks. It is relatively easy to complete as long as you are well informed and have all the proper documentation that you’ll need.

Getting Forms for Out of Province Inspections

 Out of province inspections require your driver’s license and proof of ownership, invariably. If your vehicle is from another country, you will need the Transport Canadian Vehicle Import Form which is handed out at the Canadian border. If the vehicle is used, then the title from the state in which it was purchased is required. When doing this online, all of these documents can be scanned and sent to the Registry website. Once you have given all the required documents, then you’ll receive your Out of Province Inspection Form and can proceed to the next step.

 Having Out of Province Inspections Done

 Once you have your inspection form, you will then be able to get your inspection done. This process will be undertaken at your nearby mechanics shop. It’s imperative that the mechanic you choose is a qualified one. The Registry has a directory of qualified mechanics on their official website. It is divided up into which Alberta city you live in. Whether you are in Edmonton, Grand Prairie, Athabasca, Peace River, or any other of these provincial cities, you can find a mechanic to undertake your inspection.

 J & W Mechanical Fleet Services Inc.

If you live in the city of Calgary, one great mechanical service company that can take care of your needs is J & W. They work solely with trucks but provide out of province inspections as well as the required annual safety inspection. Your truck inspection will run smoothly and efficiently at J & W. They are the preferred diesel mechanic in the Calgary area. People not only enjoy the great service they provide but the significantly low prices of their services.

 Process of Out of Province Inspections

 The inspection itself process is an extensive one. It will consist of a mechanical fitness test. This is an examination of all of your truck’s components, such as fuel and exhaust systems, steering, suspension, and braking systems, among others. The vehicle is demanded to be maintained up to Original Equipment Manufacturer standards or at least be able to wear tolerances. The vehicle inspection will also consist of a structural integrity test as well as be scrutinized for corrosion in any parts of its body or frame.

 Passing or Failing

 When your vehicle meets all the standards and passes the tests, then it is officially considered a registerable vehicle within the Alberta province. If not, then you are ordered to have it repaired within 10 days of the inspection date and present it for re-inspection. If you fail to do so, you will receive an additional full inspection fee. When your vehicle is approved, you must register it in Alberta before the expiry date or else another full out of province inspection will be required.

Alberta does not take their vehicle inspection system lightly and if you are living in or relocating to this Canadian province, neither should you. Getting your out of province inspection quickly and efficiently taken care of is the best way to avoid any potential stress that might arise from the consequences.

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