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  • This cabin filter uses high-quality non-woven fabric and fiber cloth to effectively filter pollen, dust particles, cotton linters, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, etc., while supporting products that are not easily deformed under high air volume, effective Keep the air flowing smoothly.
  • This product is produced by a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of filters and perfectly matched to the corresponding models/OEM replacement fit. The old or broken air filter can be replaced directly, and the air entering the interior of the car can be filtered to make your car air fresh.
  • A Cabin air filter can significantly improve the air quality inside the car,and effectively filter out dust, bacteria, pollen and harmful gases. Avoid dirty windows, ventilation and air conditioning systems due to dirty air inside the car. In harsh driving environments, air conditioning systems and fans can continue to operate. More effective to improve air cleanliness.

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