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Cat molded coolant hose provides a connection between the water lines and engine oil cooler of Cat heavy duty equipment.

• Molded silicone coolant hose
• Hose ID: 57.2 mm (2.25 in)
• Length: 76.2 mm (3 in)

Consult your owner’s manual or contact your local Cat Dealer for more information.



 816B 816F 815F 815B 936E 966H 966G II 970F 950B 966F 972H 930T 972G II 950E 982M 980M 950B/950E 980K HLG 966D 936F 972G 966F II 966C 930R 980C 966E 966G G936 980L 936 980K 980F 65 65B 85E 65E 65C 65D MT865 70C MTC865 75D 95E MT845 MTC835 75E MTC845 MT855 85D MT835 MTC855 1673C C-12 C13 C-10 3306 3306C G3306 3306B C11 CX31-P600 TH35-E81 C13 C11 TH35-C11I G3306B CX31-C13I CX31-C11I TH35-C13I XQG135 3304B 3306B C13GENSET C13 XQ350 C13 G3306 3306 XQ425 3304 C-12 G3306B C13 XQ375 515 525 530B 518 545 518C 528B 3306 C-12 3176C 3304 973 963 3306 C-12 3304 D330C 3306B G3306B G3304 C13B G3306 SBF214 C11 D333C 3196 C13 3176C G3304B CPT372 C-10 3304B SUF557 SR4 730C D350D D30D 725 730C2 EJ 730 D25D D300E II D300D D300E 730C2 D250E II 735 D250E RM-300 TK1051 345C 143H 14H NA 140H 14G 140G 140H NA 140H ES 16M 12H NA 160H 160H NA 130G 120G 12G 12H 14M3 14M-3 16H 16M3 160H ES 160G 14H 163H NA 18M3 14M 12H ES 163H W345B II W345C MH W330B 527 517 D5HTSK II D4HTSK III 814F 814B AD22 572R 572R II 572G 561D 345C L 345B 345C 345D L 330-A 345D 330-A L 330B 349E L HVG 352F 352 215C 345B II 235B 349E L 349D L 365B 352F-VG 349D2 L 235D 345B L 349D 349D2 349E L VG 365B II 345D L VG 349E 365B L 330-A L 330 L 330-A LN 350-A L 352F XE VG 352FMHPU 330B L 349F L 345C MH 345B II MH 330 LN 349F 349 235C 349F LXE 219 352F OEM 330B 3304B 3176C C12 3306B 3304 3306 3196 C-12 627F 621K 637D 615 627B 621K OEM 623H 627E 637E 637G 627H 615C II 621H 615C 611 627K 623K LRC 623K 639D 627G 627K LRC 5P 6SU D7G D7G2 D5H D6R 56 6A 6S D6H D6G SR D7R II D8N 57 5S D5H XL 7S 7A D6H XR D7H D7R 57H D6D D6G2 XL D4E SR 7 D6G 7U D6G2 LGP D5E D5 6 D6H XL D6H II D4H D6E D6F SR D4H XL D4H III 7SU 5 56H D6E SR D6D SR MD5125 MD5150C R1700K R1600G R1600H R1600 R1300G R1300 R1700G

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