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The powertrain is a crucial component of not just commercial vehicles, but any motor vehicle. It is the combination of engine, axel, and transmission that takes power generated by an engine. It translates that into the force that turns wheels and moves a vehicle forward or backward. Without the powertrain that works, a commercial vehicle won’t move.

Without a powertrain in good condition, a commercial vehicle can’t operate reliably for the thousands of kilometers per year that need to be traversed to carry freight to and from destinations. Powertrains can’t operate perfectly indefinitely. It’s not just accidents that can potentially damage a powertrain, wear and tear over a long enough period, or poor maintenance can both eventually result in powertrain problems that impact your vehicle performance.

Don’t Take Chances

When it comes to commercial vehicle operations, mediocre results aren’t enough. Vehicles need to be in good operating condition, but for commercial trucks, reliable service is a matter of livelihood, and good business can’t happen without reliable results. That’s where J&W Fleet Mechanical Services is here for managers, drivers, and fleet operators in Alberta.

We are an experienced, fully equipped commercial repair facility, capable of handling all commercial vehicle needs from air conditioning to electrical and wiring to powertrain repair. We know that to drive in this province, your vehicle and its components must comply with the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program to remain street legal with Alberta Transportation’s Vehicle Safety Division.

Prevent Small Problems From Becoming Big Ones

We can conduct inspections on all parts of a commercial vehicle, including the powertrain, and perform any preventive maintenance that may be required. Like any health check-up for a person, this can be crucial in finding small problems while they are manageable and cheaper to address. This can prevent them from becoming bigger issues that may impact the vehicle’s capacity to work reliably. This preventive maintenance, combined with regular inspections, which we can also conduct, ensure that vehicles stay on the road, and work the way they should.

When you want your repair done right, come to J&W Fleet Mechanical Services. Whether it’s for a single-vehicle of making sure an entire fleet is in prime operating condition, we have the facilities to conduct inspections, repairs, and the preventive maintenance for long term reliable operation. When we conduct repairs or inspections, we do it right the first time and make sure you have the documentation and proof that you comply with CVIP requirements.

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