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Pay Attention to Your Diesel’s Smoke

October 26, 2014
By Jeffery White

As you’re no doubt well-aware, your diesel engine gives off smoke from almost the moment it begins working. However, the smoke itself is never something to take for granted. Unless it’s coming out in gray, your diesel engine could be suffering from a multitude of problems and until you have a mechanic in Calgary take a look at it, they will continue uninterrupted.

White Smoke

White smoke is actually quite noticeable as it’s far lighter in tone than the normal gray. When a diesel engine is giving off white smoke, it means that your fuel is not being burned properly. While it is definitely making it into the combustion chamber, something is going awry once it’s there. Fortunately, the problem is often as simple as the engine not providing sufficient compression to heat up the fuel enough.

Water could also have been in the fuel which would keep the normal amount of combustion from being able to ignite it.

Lastly, there could be an issue with the pump timing. This is a very sensitive process in a diesel engine because fuel needs to arrive in the pump in a certain amount of time in order for it to work correctly. Anything starving the fuel supply must be addressed.

Blue Smoke

Noticeably blue smoke coming out of your exhaust pipes could mean your engine’s oil is being burned. On the one hand, this could mean you simply put too much oil into your vehicle. That would explain why it’s ending up places where it can be burned. However, there could also be issues with the lift pump or injector pump. Your valves, piston rings or cylinders could be damaged as well. If you find these issues, take your truck directly to a mechanic in Calgary.

Black Smoke

The most common form of “bad” smoke with diesel engines is the black kind. This almost always means that your engine isn’t burning its diesel properly. Black smoke is the result of whole diesel particles making it through the combustion chamber without ever burning. Faulty pressure and other simple causes are often at the root of it.

However, while the fix may be easy and affordable, until you address it, know that you’re paying for diesel you’ll never use. One of the justifications for paying more for diesel is generally that the engines are so much more efficient. So if your engine has stopped burning fuel correctly, you might as well be running on gasoline.

Call A Mechanic In Calgary

Whether it’s white, blue, or black smoke, get your diesel engine to a professional mechanic in Calgary the moment you notice it. While simple issues are often to blame, you don’t want them causing much greater problems.

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