Come to us for all your automotive, light and heavy truck, and equipment repair and maintenance needs. We have the parts, expertise, service staff that will get you back on the road quickly!



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Clean Truck & Trainer Repair Shop

We take pride in organization, cleanliness, and treating people like family which has been the cornerstone of our success since 1997.

Friendly. Honest & Reliable Staff

Our honesty is what keeps our customers loyal, and our reliability is what keeps them coming back. Don’t take our word for it, check out our five-star reviews.

Understanding & Knowledgeable

We are a small business and understand tight budgets. It’s important to partner with an experienced truck repair shop that can fix issues quickly and efficiently.

Diesel Engine, Car, and Truck Maintenance and Repair Facility

We know that your engine is the backbone of any vehicle you drive. That’s why we’ve been helping professional truckers, fleet managers, and car owners maintain their engines since 1997!  We offer preventative maintenance services and repair anything from small cars all way up through heavy-duty trucks and heavy equipment. When you visit our licensed repair facility, our knowledgeable technicians will inspect your truck, trailer, or automobile with the latest diagnostic equipment, to ensure that it is in excellent condition when you drive away.

Did you know? We maintain an extensive parts inventory which means that our technicians are able to repair many cars, trucks, and equipment on the same day.

Find Car, Truck & Trailer Parts

Need truck parts? Search, buy online and we will have the part ready for pickup or delivery the next business day.

What Makes Us Different?

Small Business Owners

We are small business owners too; we understand the urgency of getting your truck on the road.

Years of Experienced

We have experience in most makes and models of trucks and trailers and can weld and even fabricate.

Lower Parts Pricing

Our team negotiates fair pricing for our truck and trailer parts suppliers.

People That Care

We care about your unit as if it were our own and work hard to repair your truck or trailer right away.

Every Customer Matters

We treat every customer as if they were a million dollar contract.

Repairs Done Right

We don’t just change parts. We diagnose and replace the right part.

Transperant Pricing

We detail your bill so you can see where your money was spent.

Friendly Staff

Our staff is friendly and easy to talk to about your concerns

On-Time Checkins

Your unit gets in the minute you show up for your appointment.

Search Our Parts Department

We stock thousands of truck and trailer parts and accessories ready to be delivered on the next business day.

When truckers head to their nearest truck stop, they might not know what truck part they need or what will work best for their truck. Luckily, JW has a massive selection of truck parts from all types of manufacturers like Cummins, Paccar, and more and offers same-day delivery to Calgary and surrounding areas. At JW, We have access to a range of parts, and we even employ licensed mechanics if you need repair and maintenance help.

Repair Center Insights

The Importance of Trailer Safety

I have witnessed many things during my career in the transportation industry. There’s one thing I see more often than anything else, however, and that’s trailers in poor operating condition, which can be combated with a truck service shop. Often, especially in larger...

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What Is a Commerical Vehicle Inspection?

In Canada, the National Safety Code requires that all commercially registered vehicles complete an annual inspection or Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP inspections). When the inspection is complete and all required repair work has been finished the vehicle...

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Extend Your Engine Life By Cleaning Your Engine Once a Year

Today’s engines are like nothing we’ve seen before; fuel efficient, monstrous power, tight tolerances, and packed with more technology than pretty well anything from the ’80s. This means it is more important than ever to know the proper way of cleaning your engine. ...

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Tips for Driving Your Big Trucks in the Winter

If you are a truck driver, there’s a very good chance that you will have to drive through snow at some point. This is never fun when you are behind the wheel of a big rig, as it has the potential to be very dangerous. However, when you are careful and when you...

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What If There Is an Accident?

No one likes to think about getting into an accident when they get behind the wheel. However, the road can be a very dangerous place. Even when you are paying close attention and doing everything right, strange things can happen. You can’t control the other drivers on...

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Troubleshooting the Diesel Engine

When you drive a diesel truck, you can be relatively sure that the engine is going to keep going for as long as the rest of the truck does, as long as you are properly maintaining the vehicle. However, that’s not to say that you won’t occasionally have problems when...

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Top Tips for Taking Care of a Diesel Engine

Diesel engines have many advantages when compared to gas engines. They can improve your fuel economy, and because they are durable they can provide you with a much longer life for the vehicle. They work well, and they are very reliable. However, they do need to have...

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