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Do I Need My Windshield Repaired or Replaced?

October 19, 2014
By Jeffery White

Damage to your truck’s windshield is far from the most complicated issue your vehicle could suffer, but that’s all the more reason you should get it addressed immediately. A damaged windshield is all it takes to transform your truck into an extremely dangerous object hurtling down the freeway in Calgary. When something does end up damaging your windshield, though, you may be stuck wondering whether or not it should be replaced or just repaired.

The rule of thumb is that if a crack on your windshield is smaller than a dollar bill, it can probably be repaired by a skilled technician. This is ideal, as the service will cost less without sacrificing quality. Windshield repairs generally don’t take longer than 30 minutes too, so you can get your truck right back on the road.

Depending on the crack, repairs will usually involve first drilling into the damage to allow the glass’ resin to flow easier. Then the technician will use a vacuum to remove any excess air from the break. Next, they’ll inject resin into the crack to seal it up and keep debris and moisture from getting in. When the process is done, the windshield will look practically brand new.

Sometimes, though, repairing a windshield this way just isn’t practical. The damage is big enough that any “repair” would actually make driving your truck too dangerous to consider. Fortunately, replacements these days don’t take more than an hour once the process starts.

A technician will usually have to apply enough force to the windshield to first break it. This will help make its removal easier. With the old windshield out of the way, your truck’s frame will be cleaned and prepared for a new piece of glass. The frame is then prepped with urethane, which will work as a bonding agent. Finally the new glass is added in and sealed.

Although it only takes about an hour to do all of this, you’ll need to wait a few more before the urethane is able to dry. However, when it finally does, your visibility will no longer suffer any issues while you’re behind the wheel.

Even for damage that is smaller than a dollar, it’s important you get your truck looked at by a professional immediately. The longer you’re on the road, the higher the likelihood that some piece of debris will cause a small chip to become a spider web of cracks.

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