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King Pin Refurbishment

In the transportation and freight industry, the smallest thing can disrupt the entire process. A perfect example of this is the trailer king pin. When a trailer king pin wears out or gets damaged, it can lead to serious problems, including safety issues that can cause accidents.

It’s important to keep king pins in the best shape possible; otherwise, it may result in accidents, lost profits, and even lawsuits in some cases. Luckily, our team is here and ready to make sure you get the kind of repair, replacement, or refurbishment needed to keep your trailers in service and your profits moving the right way.

King Pin Problems

King pins take a lot of damage throughout their lifespan, and longer or more demanding trips with heavier freight will do even more damage to them. Generally, the problem is simply that they are subjected to wear and tear over time, and eventually, they can no longer be used to effectively maintain safety and stability.

Replacing king pins often requires significant time and money. It may involve removing the entire floor, cross members, and the pin and then replacing the entire assembly. Not only is this expensive, but it also means that the trailer may be out of service for as many as three to five days in most cases, even if your service provider has fast turnaround times.

Our solution is different. We offer a refurbishment process that can be completed on-site, usually within a matter of just a few hours. We can get your trailer back in working condition faster and for less money than traditional methods. This means you will save money and get to keep your revenue stream flowing since you have far less downtime.

The Advantages We Offer

Over the years, we have built a reputation for excellence in the industry. With us on your side, you get numerous benefits that are unmatched elsewhere, such as:

  • Fast response times and even faster repairs
  • Immediate use of your trailer when we’re done
  • Our ability to work on-site anywhere you need us
  • Our promise to stand behind our work and what we do
  • Our reliable customer service staff members who will help put your mind at ease

If one or more of your trailers needs king pin repair, our process is an option you should consider. We’ve refined it over the years, and we can get things back to normal quickly for you and your business.

Getting Back On The Road

Your business depends on the right machinery and tools to operate well, and when an issue like a damaged king pin occurs, it can quickly leave you struggling to figure out what steps to take next. That’s where our team comes in. You can trust us to take care of all your king pin refurbishment needs. Keeping your profits up is important, and that means keeping your vehicles on the road. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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