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Keeping a Semi-Truck in Great Shape

December 15, 2014
By Jeffery White

Whether you maintain a fleet of vehicles or are an owner operator with your own semi-truck, protecting your vehicle is part and parcel of keeping your business profitable. Calgary poses some unique challenges to this effort, as there is not only mechanical wear and tear to worry about, but also you are in a climate that can be quite trying on heavy equipment. Here are some of the things that you should do to make certain that your diesel vehicle is being maintained properly by a Calgary mechanic shop.

Looks Are More than Skin Deep

Harsh winter weather, salted roads, and the conditions in which semi-trucks are sometimes used – such as in oilfields – all pose hazards to the body of the truck. At least once every year, you should take the time to polish the aluminum on the vehicle to make certain that it is in tiptop condition.

The paint job on the vehicle should also be redone on a regular basis. You can take a can of spray paint with you on the road and have them available in the shop. If you do happen to see any sort of damage starting, put some spray paint over it to seal it and make sure that it doesn’t spread, but also schedule time with a professional to have the issue addressed.

Mechanical Matters Fixed By A Calgary Mechanic Shop

Of course, the heart of a semi-truck is the engine, and it does require regular maintenance. Without a good Calgary diesel mechanic regularly inspecting such vehicles, they will inevitably start to have problems and, eventually, your business will suffer lost revenue due to breakdowns and worse. Improperly maintained vehicles can pose genuine hazards on the road, and your trucking company may be held liable if property or personal damage results.

A good Calgary mechanic shop will be willing to schedule regular maintenance with you. You can base this on the number of hours you have operated the vehicle or in the number of kilometers it has traveled. Be sure to have the vehicle inspected after it has done particularly heavy duty work, as it may have caused stress and strain on the mechanical parts of the vehicle, and it could potentially save you a lot of money to have the issues addressed immediately.

Semi-trucks can last many years with proper maintenance, but far too many of them don’t hold up that long simply because a business tries to cut corners by forgoing a sensible maintenance schedule.

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