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Inspect the Truck Before Driving

July 11, 2015
By Jeffery White

Truck drivers who are going through training learn about the importance of a pre-trip safety inspection of the vehicle. It is something that should be innate with all truckers out there, but some end up letting the inspections slide after they have some time in the field. Some forget, some get lazy, and others do not realize just how important it really is when it comes to safety for the driver and everyone else on the road. This means it is important to find truck service shops near you.

What are the elements you should have checked at truck service shops? You should check the brakes and the brake lights, the coupling system, fluid levels, the suspension and steering, electronics, tire pressure and the tread, and the lights. In addition, check the safety of the load and the security of the trailer doors. A broken or damaged door could mean that you spill part of your load while on the highway – not a pretty picture.

Take a moment to consider what a problem with any of the above systems might cause. If your brakes are working properly, it could cause an accident. If you suddenly find out that the lights aren’t working, you will not be able to continue after the sun goes down. Failed steering, blown tires, and other scenarios are possible. With a simple pre-trip inspection, you can greatly reduce the risk of this happening with your truck.

Truck service shop can help with your pre-trip inspection that should be a part of each trucker’s routine before they go out on a long trip. The inspections are there to help keep the driver and the others sharing the road with the truck safe. The inspection does not take long to complete, and once you get into the habit, it should stick with you throughout your career. Do not let it slip and fall by the wayside, as some do. After all, you want to have a safe trip.

If the driver finds something wrong during the inspection that they cannot fix on their own quickly, it is important to have a professional at truck service shops complete the repair. This will ensure that the truck is safe. It is your responsibility to be safe when you are on the road with a large and potentially dangerous vehicle.

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