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How To Stay Safe While Waiting For Mobile Truck Repair Calgary

July 22, 2020
By Jeffery White

No matter how carefully you check your truck and cargo and how well you maintain your truck, chances are that it will break down on the road at some point. To ensure that you, your truck and your cargo are all safe, the specialists at J & W Mechanical Fleet Services have listed the best steps to take while waiting for the mobile truck repair Calgary to arrive.

Pull Off Of The Road

If possible, pull onto the shoulder of the highway as fast and safely as you can. If you find that you have to pull onto the left shoulder, make sure you are far from moving traffic. What’s more, try to remain on level ground. If you cannot do any of those things for any reason, turn on your hazard lights.

Mark Your Location

Identify any landmarks like restaurants, business complexes, and shopping centres. If you can, remember the last exit you passed or any numbered signs as these will help you when calling someone for assistance.

Choose The Right Mobile Truck Repair Calgary Company

Most drivers know their trucks fairly well and can hazard a guess as to what mechanical problem they have. Were there unusual noises or any steam or smoke coming out from under the hood? Make sure the mobile repair truck you choose can take care of the issue.

Make Sure Your Phone Is Charged When You Travel

Always keep your phone charged. Once you request mobile truck repair, you will need to contact your office if you’re headed for work and your family. The mobile truck repair Calgary provider will let you know how long it will take or how far out the mobile repair truck is to your location.

Ask For Verification

Once the roadside assistance crew shows up, it is always good to ask for their credentials to make sure they are from the company you called. The last thing you need is to have your load stolen in addition to dealing with the breakdown.

Calgary is a major hub off of the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1). At J & W Mechanical Fleet Services, we are dedicated to providing the best truck and trailer service to hardworking individuals, drivers, and fleets. Since 1997, we have developed a reputation for quality solutions, fair pricing, and treating every client with respect. So if you need emergency repair, or if you notice you have to get some services before going back out on the road, call us to address your trucking repair issues.

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