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Heavy & Light Towing

Commercial vehicles are massive pieces of equipment, and if they’re hauling freight, they can weigh several tons. It takes a huge amount of power and a very specific skillset to move a vehicle of that mass and size, which is why heavy trucking is a profession unto itself. Unfortunately, this also means that if something goes wrong, it takes professionals who know the equipment and have the right tools to fix the issue, like heavy truck repair facilities.

However, one big question is, if you’ve got a problem with your truck, and it’s not capable of moving under its own power anymore, how do you get it to the facilities that can fix the problem?

That’s where J&W comes in. J&W Mechanical Fleet Services is one of the most respected heavy truck repair facilities in Calgary. For over 20 years, our seasoned team of experts has been getting professional trucker drivers back on the road with repairs they can rely on. And as one of our additional services, we can get trucks off the road and into our repair bays.

One of the added services that J&W provides is both heavy and light towing for vehicles within our service area. We know that breakdowns and other vehicle malfunctions don’t always wait until you’re ready to go to a garage to give up the ghost for your vehicle.

That’s why we’re here to make things easy. Since we already know that we’re a favoured destination for may Alberta professional truck drivers, we offer services for people who couldn’t make the crucial last few kilometres to our facility and need some help to get their vehicles back up and running.

If you have a heavy truck or even a lighter vehicle, we have both the heavy and light towing vehicles required to get you off the road and into our heavy truck repair facilities so you can rest easy getting the J&W service you can rely on.


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