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It’s Time For Better Customer Service

February 4, 2013
By Jeffery White

Trucking Businesses and Mechanical Fleet Services

Trucking companies can be found in nearly every country in the world, and they are necessary for transporting goods of nearly any kind from one location to another. Some trucking companies may only need a few trucks, but others own hundreds or even thousands of trucks. A mechanical fleet service is a company that is hired to perform heavy duty truck repair as well as scheduled safety inspections. The advantage of a mechanical fleet service is that these companies employ mechanics and engineers that are qualified to perform repairs on some of the newest and best trucks being produced today. They can also aid in the purchasing/ selling of new and used vehicles as well as equipment. With our Pre-purchase inspections the customer can make a informed and stress free decision, knowing that the vehicle is secure and in good working condition.

Heavy Duty Truck Repair Calgary

Although there are many trusted mechanics in the Calgary area, very few have the expertise to keep the world’s best trucks in proper working order. Trucking companies depend on the reliability of their vehicles to make money and maintain a solid reputation. Those with hundreds or thousands of trucks can benefit from using a mechanical fleet service to both maintain their vehicles, perform accurate and timely repairs when necessary–even when the driver is far away from home.

Alberta Safety Checks

Alberta Safety Checks are mandated by the government of Alberta. CVIP–or Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program–to ensure that vehicles on the streets and highways of the province are in proper working order. Alberta safety checks ensure the safety of both the vehicle driver and those drivers that are sharing the roadways with them. The best mechanical fleet services are those that can perform Alberta safety checks in addition to their other duties. The combination of heavy truck repair and Alberta safety checks ensure that any fleet is ready for prime performance.

When to Use Mechanical Fleet Services

Although there are some small trucking companies in the Calgary area that operate without the use of a mechanical fleet servicing, these companies are not experiencing the peace of mind that these services can offer. A mechanical fleet service offers much more than standard mechanic services in the event of a breakdown; they also provide regular maintenance that often prevents the breakdowns from even occurring. Heavy duty truck repair is a very important facet of any trucking company, but regular maintenance and safety checks provide companies with a complete package that cannot be obtained any other way.

Mechanical fleet companies are necessary to provide quality truck repairs, regular Alberta safety checks, and general advice to fleet managers. Any company that uses a number of vehicles to operate a business can benefit from a mechanical fleet company.

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