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Heavy Duty Diesel Safe Driving Tips

May 14, 2015
By Jeffery White

While there’s no arguing that modern diesel trucks are amazing, it is still very important make sure that you’re driving safely on the road. Trucking is the life blood of so many industries in the United States and Canada, and whether you’re talking about the farmer or rancher looking over hundreds of acres or big semi-truck rigs on the road, you want to make sure that you are taking every truck repairs precautions to drive safely not only for yourself but also for all those around you.

Watch Out for That Strong Cross Wind

There are few natural weather phenomenons as scary for the truck driver,  as strong winds, especially when those huge gusts of wind are acting like crosswinds across the highway. Let’s face it, trailers offer a big and broad target for sudden bursts of extremely heavy wind. This is a major hazard not only for the semi-truck but also for any other vehicles on the road around it.

There are plenty of YouTube videos and other recorded instances of a major gust of wind outright blowing over a tractor trailer and you want to make sure you don’t join those numbers and avoid truck repairs.

Braking Distance To Avoid Truck Repairs

Braking distance goes hand in hand with paying attention to the road, your weight load, and the weather. All of these factors are important in determining how quickly and accurately you can stop. This is important information because you never know what might be coming up in the road ahead, or when some inattentive driver will cut you off then suddenly slow down. Understanding the importance of braking distance will help you err on the side of caution and that’s always a good way to go. That way you avoid unwanted truck repairs.

Beware of Bad Drivers

Unfortunately there are many drivers on the road who are reckless, not paying attention, or just outright bad. Beware of reckless drivers and make sure to keep your eyes open so you can prevent a potential accident and make sure everyone stays safe when you’re in control.

If in Doubt, Get Your Rest Before You Need Truck Repairs

The temptation to go just a couple more hours or to push yourself just a little further can be extremely strong, but it is critical to understand you’re not going to react as well when tired. It only takes a moment of being tired or not reacting fast enough for everything to go wrong. If in doubt, make sure you have your rest to avoid possible truck repairs.

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