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Handling Spills from Diesel Equipment

December 12, 2014
By Jeffery White

Businesses that use diesel powered equipment and vehicles have to be knowledgeable about handling the occasional spill. Mechanical problems can lead to fuel being leaked and dispersed on surfaces or the ground in an uncontrolled fashion. Calgary repair shop specialists can clean it up and can prevent spillage from happening when they’re working on equipment. Before they arrive, however, you might have to deal with making your workplace safe and preventing the substance from getting onto surfaces or into the ground, where it can present genuine hazards.

When It Happens

Before cleaning up spilled fuel, operators should make sure that it’s cut off at the source. This means shutting down any leaking equipment. Because there is risk of fire from this particular fuel, it’s vital to ensure that there is no spark or flame nearby. If the equipment can be moved, it should be moved away from anything that may cause it to ignite.

The source of the leak has to be plugged or otherwise contained to shut off the flow. Once the fuel is fully secured and there is no more new petroleum escaping, the effort can switch to containing what’s already spilled.

The Human Factor

Make sure anyone working nearby the area is made aware of the hazard, and then put up appropriate signage. People should be kept away from the site until it’s properly handled, which may require professional intervention at a Calgary repair shop.

Understanding the Challenge

Diesel is lighter than water and easily makes its way into storm drains, waterways, and sewers, so it’s imperative to isolate it. Any facility that does have equipment that uses this fuel should have appropriate containment materials available and, once any immediate threat of further contamination is dealt with, what has already escaped needs to be controlled so it doesn’t flow somewhere that it could harm the environment.

Calling a Professional

A Calgary repair shop will be able deal with these spills safely. Do not operate equipment that has been leaking until it has been checked by a technician who can make needed repairs and ensure that it’s in safe working order.

The best way to prevent these incidents is through maintenance. Mechanical failures are quite often the results of worn equipment. A Calgary repair shop can make sure that all your vehicles and other diesel-powered equipment is inspected and safe to use, and that can help you avoid costly cleanups and even potential fines.

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