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Getting a Job in the Canadian Trucking Industry

June 27, 2015
By Jeffery White

Have you always loved the idea of the open road and wanted to be a trucker? If so, then you aren’t alone. It has been a popular field for a number of years, but in Canada, and even the US, there is a growing need for more drivers. While there is something romantic about the idea of working as a long haul trucker, it is important for those considering the field to understand what it really means to make sure it is right for them.

Being a trucker often means long hours on the road, and you will be away from home for days at a time, and sometimes for weeks. This is not a life that everyone is suited to lead. Make sure that you have the qualifications for the job as well. You will need to go to school to learn how to drive a big rig, and you will need to have a special license. Driving a heavy truck, even one that might seem relatively small, is nothing like driving a pickup truck. It takes skills that you will need to develop in trucking school.

Once you finish with schooling, it is time to find a job. Even those who are fresh out of school have the potential to find work with a fleet, or even to buy their own truck and start a business. Admittedly, the cost of buying and starting your own operation is quite high, and you will likely want to have some experience working for another company first. Some schools may even be able to connect you with potential employers.

It is a good idea to start looking for a job in the trucking industry as soon as you know your school’s completion date. You may find employers who will offer conditional employment as long as you finish the training. When you do find a job, it is important to start things off on the right foot and to keep up with the good habits you learn in school. Always make sure you inspect your truck and that it is ready to go when you drive. Understand the importance of maintenance and professional repair as well.

Trucking can be a great career for many out there. Just make sure it is the right career for you.

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