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When the average driver thinks about a clean vehicle, usually thoughts turn only to external dirt. While it’s true that vehicles in Alberta can get pretty dirty driving through our unforgiving winter season, there’s an even more important aspect to a clean vehicle; the engine system. Diesel, while an essential fluid for the operation of commercial trucks, is not the cleanest liquid in the world, and even when it is distilled and refined for use in vehicles, on a long enough timeline, fuel lines, and tanks can get dirty and become contaminated. That is where an EFI flush comes in.

This is also true for other portions of an engine, not just the components that deal directly with fuel. Coolers and induction systems can corrode with time, or get dirty. Antifreeze and coolants can corrode and damage parts of the engine. And all of this happens on an accelerating schedule for professional commercial vehicles, because they spend many hours of the day, on the road, hard at work.

This is where J&W Mechanical Fleet Services has you covered. We understand the intensive demands of professional logistics, and we’ve worked hard to make sure our customers can rely on cleaner, safer, more efficient engine operation thanks to our own fuel flushing techniques.

Why Do You Need An EFI Flush?

After almost 20 years in business, we have developed and perfected a proprietary fuel flush system called EFI Flush, which can help improve the performance of fuel economy and lowers exhaust opacity and harmful emissions from your engine.

With the EFI Flush, you receive complete cleaning of Injectors, pumps, upper cylinders, removal of soot from EGR valve, cooler and induction system, and particulate matter from DPF and exhaust, if equipped. This cost includes the combustion chamber cleaner for the exhaust side and diesel boost for the fuel system. Some trucks may require more at an additional charge (depending on how plugged the unit is).

  • Eliminates the need to replace or remove the DPF filter in 99% of the cases.
  • Removes carbon build-up from the EGR cooler and induction system
  • Cleans fuel injectors, injector O-rings and combustion chambers
  • Cleans fuel tank, fuel line, and fuel rails
  • Cleans all exhaust from the engine to the rear of your truck
  • Improves fuel economy and power

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