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Freightliner Truck Repair and Service

April 3, 2013
By Jeffery White

These days it can be quite difficult to locate a reliable Freightliner truck repair, service and maintenance facility. However, truck owners who reside in or close to Calgary are fortunate enough in that they have J & W Mechanical Fleet Services Inc. on hand to attend to all of their Freightliner truck repair and service requirements. Whether a Freightliner or other truck brand requires a service or simply an Alberta Safety Inspection, it will be in good hands at J & W.

Why so Many Truckers Rely on Freightliner

Freightliner trucks are among the best in the world. Although they are more well-known for their extra strong Detroit and Cummins diesel motors that offer between 200hp and 600hp of pure power, these trucks are extremely reliable and economical. They also offer some of the most advanced green technology in the trucking world with some models relying on hybrid power or even natural gas instead of diesel. However, diesel trucks are still here to stay for many years to come, which is why J & W should be your first stop when looking for a Freightliner truck repair facility in Calgary.

What to Expect From J & W Mechanical

Although J & W is usually recognized as a specialized Freightliner truck repair facility, they also cater for all other brands of trucks. This means that any truck owners in Calgary are able to make use of our professional workshop repair and service facilities. Whether a truck is in need of a basic service or a major engine overhaul, J & W will ensure that any work carried out is to the highest quality standards possible. Truck owners as well as their rigs are always treated with respect while in their workshop and customers are kept well-informed regarding the progress of work being carried out.

Look no Further for Your Calgary Freightliner Workshop Requirements

It’s a known fact that J & W offer the best Freightliner truck repair and service facilities in Calgary. Upon arrival, trucks will be carefully inspected to ensure that the correct repairs, service and maintenance work are carried out. Should a customer have any queries regarding the progress or cost of any work being carried out, our qualified staff members will always be able to assist them in a courteous and professional manner. J & W realizes that some truck repairs and maintenance can be quite expensive, which is why qualifying clients are able to apply for credit prior to any work being carried out.

By using the workshop facilities at J & W for any Freightliner truck repair needs, truckers can rest assured that their rig will always be in good hands. With the exception of emergency work, it is usually recommended that a booking be made prior to bringing a truck in for repairs, as this will help alleviate any unnecessary delays or inconvenience. Trucks that enter J & W for repair or maintenance work will always leave in better condition than when they arrived.

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