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Extend Your Engine Life By Cleaning Your Engine Once a Year

February 20, 2019
By Jeffery White

Today’s engines are like nothing we’ve seen before; fuel efficient, monstrous power, tight tolerances, and packed with more technology than pretty well anything from the ’80s. This means it is more important than ever to know the proper way of cleaning your engine. 

Unfortunately, the education in maintenance hasn’t stayed current with our high level of technology and what most drivers and owners need to understand is that preventative maintenance isn’t keeping up with what we’re running. Preventative maintenance needs to extend beyond just an oil change – it should include your gas or diesel engines internal components — why? because when you put oil in your truck and it runs through your engine, it picks up particles from your engine running and breaking down, and these particles cause the engine oil to blacken.

A well-maintained engine should never have oil that is black. You say but, “I just got my oil changed it’s clean”, however, hours later it’s black again. This happens because there is debris in your engine, and the debris continues to run through your engine as it runs causing it to grind against your moving components, and every time the pistons go up and down the debris causes your cylinders to score, which also adds more filings in your engine. Because of this you will need to make sure you are always cleaning your engine. 

So you ask, “What happens when your cylinders score?”, The answer is, the rings on your pistons will eventually no longer seal against the cylinder and that’s when you get blow by and your engine starts to use oil. Further, studies have shown that up to 80% of blow by issues aren’t even caused by cylinder scoring but carbon deposits and cylinder varnishing. This is why regularly having an engine oil flush is critical to maintaining a smooth running gas or diesel engine.

A quick, easy, and simple maintenance routine of cleaning your engine is to use a specialty and proven engine pre-flush before you change your oil. Add the solution to your oil, run your truck or car for 8-to-10 hours (or the manufacturers recommendations) and once the time is up, drain all the dirty oil, change your oil filter and top up with new oil and that should keep your oil clean; we suggest doing this at least once a year.

If it does not get completely clean the first time it generally means your engine is extremely dirty and may need another application before the next oil change, which is common for engines that have never been treated before.

Maintaining your engines internal components is more vital now than ever and will go a long way is extending service life and eliminating costly downtime. Look for products that have proven records and a reliable reputation to help with cleaning your engine.

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