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CVIP Inspection Facility in Calgary

February 16, 2013
By Jeffery White

The Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program, also known as the CVIP, is a requirement in Alberta, a province in Canada. It is mandatory for the owner of a bus, truck, light truck or trailer who lives in the Alberta area to undergo a Calgary CVIP inspection. A great place to have this inspection done is at J & W Mechanical Fleet Services, a diesel mechanic company located in the provincial city of Calgary.

When to Get an Inspection

CVIP inspections are required annually or semi-annually, depending on the kind of vehicle you own. If you own a truck, truck-tractor, light truck, trailer, or semi-trailer with a combined weight of 11,794 kilograms then you must take it to undergo a CVIP inspection on a yearly basis. In the case of a registered bus that carries 10 or more passengers, you must take it in for a Calgary CVIP inspection every six months. This helps to ensure that the vehicle you own continues to run smoothly.

Calgary CVIP Inspection Process

A commercial vehicle inspection will essentially be a road test. It will be evaluated on how all of its parts function. These parts include, but are not limited to, ABS light, brake and wheel noise, vibration, steering, transmission, defroster, and engine operation and noise. Then the vehicle is lifted and the exhaust system, front end, suspension, and tires, among other things, are evaluated. Finally, the wheels are taken off and the brake components are tested. This is generally the end of the Calgary CVIP inspection process unless you personally request any further inspection that wasn’t already performed.

Where to Go for Inspections

The company you go to for your bus, trailer, or truck inspection is crucially important. It is necessary to make sure that the mechanic is qualified and has a good track record. The mechanic that you go to depends on the Alberta city you live in, of course. In the city of Calgary, there are numerous qualified mechanics to choose from, such as The Carpet Mechanics and Mike’s Auto Service. Few companies are as excellent in their service as J & W Mechanical Fleet Services.

J & W Mechanical Fleet Services

The mechanics at J & W have been proving themselves to be some of the most trustworthy mechanics to perform Calgary CVIP inspections. Since their founding in 1998, J & W has experienced great success in the Calgary area. They are a privately owned family business and have a combined amount of 170 years of experience in the area of truck repairing and servicing. Their primary focus is delivering fantastic customer service to any and everyone who seeks their services.

Truck Inspection Services at J & W

J & W Mechanical Fleet Services is licensed by the Alberta Safety Inspection Facility. They take this distinction seriously and deliver service that either meets or exceeds the strict standards that their license implements. Not only are they willing to perform a Calgary CVIP inspection for you, but they will also provide a general truck inspection for your engine, transmission, brakes, and air condition, to name a few. They do electrical services, welding, and fabrication. The people at J & W will also perform tire repairs and changes as well as putting brand new tires on your car, truck, or trailer.

Manner of J & W’s Services

Getting your truck inspection or repair done at J & W Mechanical Fleet Services is a great experience, not only because of the efficiency of their service but their warmth and accessibility. The mechanics at J & W emphatically state that they treat their clients like family. As a family-owned business, that feeling of comfort, familiarity, and getting taken care of is very important to J & W. This is what gives them the edge over their competition and keeps people coming back. They proudly state that the majority of their business is based on referrals from past or regular satisfied clients.

Customer Testimonials For Calgary CVIP Inspections

Many of their customers can attest to the exceptional truck inspection provided by J & W Mechanical. Mark Davidson proclaimed that his truck has never run better since its inspection at the company and plans to visit again in the near future. Brent Burrage was very impressed with the team’s combination of friendliness and professionalism. He also claims everyone who he referred to J & W was very pleased with the results. Bob Wallace never wants to take his truck to anywhere else after the service he received. These and other customer reviews make it clear that J & W Mechanical Fleet Services is in a class of its own and is an ideal place to have your truck inspection performed.

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