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Could Synthetic Oil Offer Benefits for Heavy Trucks?

November 14, 2015
By Jeffery White

While many types of automobiles are using synthetic oil, the trucking industry has still been reluctant to use them for a number of different reasons. The most obvious reason is the cost associated with the synthetics. They tend to cost between three and four times as much as regular oil. This alone is enough for many large and small fleets to avoid using them. However, they do offer some benefits, including some elements of cost savings that could make them worthwhile for some companies. Let’s look at some of the benefits of synthetics that you might want to consider when getting a heavy truck oil change in Calgary.

One of the first things to note about synthetics is that they have a higher viscosity level, so they remain thick when they are at high temperatures and thinner at the lower temperatures. What does this mean for the vehicle though? It means that cold starts are much easier, and this can help lengthen the lifespan of the vehicle’s components. They also tend to have a lower traction, reducing the amount of friction. This leads to less heat, making the truck more fuel efficient overall. This should be welcome news to many who are looking for a heavy truck oil change in Calgary.

Due to the nature of the synthetics, they are not as likely to grow thick as they age, which helps to reduce the amount of deposits. There is also far less oil loss when using synthetics. The protection against wear and tear, as well as the benefits they offer in cold weather when it comes to starting can be ideal for many companies operating in the area and who need to have a heavy truck oil change in Calgary.

Consider the fact that it can help improve the fuel efficiency of all of the trucks in the fleet as well. This can help to reduce the operating costs of the fleet, making the added expense of synthetics well worth it for many. Although the synthetic oils might not be the right choice for all trucks, it is well worth considering the next time you need to have a heavy truck oil change in Calgary for one or all of your fleet.

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