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Consider Doing These Tasks When De-Winterizing Your RV

August 15, 2020
By Jeffery White

When winter finally ends and spring begins, people can’t wait to get in their recreational vehicles and hit the open road. The mobile houses allow them to travel from place to place with the comforts of home. However, those who live in cold climates often shut their RVs down in the wintertime. Therefore, before they can take off to their destinations, they must de-winterize them.

The various chores involved in the process can be quite a drag when the only thing individuals want to do is to drive and visit their favourite spots. People who do not wish to complete de-winterizing duties are in luck. Our company, J & W Mechanical Fleet Services, offers RV de-winterization services. The members of our team have the training, experience, and tools to get the job done. We can get people’s recreational vehicles ready to go in the most efficient way possible. If you find that you’re struggling to encourage yourself to de-winterize your RV, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

This article will now focus on some common tasks that people should consider completing when they de-winterize their mobile homes. Hence, curious individuals should stick around and read on to learn more.

Check The Tire Pressure

Drastic temperature changes tend to make tires deflate. It is best to avoid driving around on low wheels as it can be quite dangerous. Blowouts can occur and lead to accidents when less-than-full tires are trying to hold the weight of the recreational vehicle. Therefore, RV owners should make it a point to check the air pressure in their tires when de-winterizing. When the tires are low, they need to be filled to the appropriate PSI, which can be found on wheels’ outer walls.

It is also a good idea to visually inspect the tires. Hot and cold temperatures, ice, and snow can do a number on rubber. The wheels can become cracked or dry-rotted when they are subjected to all sorts of harsh elements. If one, two, or more tires are in such condition, owners need to have them replaced to prevent flats.

Inspect The Waste Tank For Leaks

Going to an RV park, campground, or anywhere else can be embarrassing when a person’s waste tank is leaking. Not only that, but the issue can pose a threat to the health of people and pets too. Thus, RV owners need to take the time to inspect their tanks and drain lines to ensure that they do not have any drips or leaks. If there are any problems, they should be addressed before the vehicle gets taken anywhere else. Doing so will help owners avoid embarrassing mishaps while keeping their families, other people, and animals safe.

Examine The Interior

When people go on trips, they spend the majority of their time inside RVs. Therefore, owners need to examine their interiors closely when de-winterizing. Appliances need to be given a once-over to make sure they are functioning correctly. If there is any debris lying around, it should be cleared away. After all, loose items could turn into flying projectiles when hard braking or accidents occur and leave occupants injured.

It is also in a person’s best interest to check the windows and doors. They should all open and close properly to let air inside and keep trespassers outside where they belong.

If you’re not already doing them, add the tasks we’ve discussed to your de-winterizing checklist. They could prove to be perfect additions to your routine.

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