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Computer diagnostics equipment is used to pinpoint problems with your vehicle, making repairs quicker and more cost-effective than at any time in the past. However, the computer diagnostics are dependent on the skill of the people who are interpreting the results, so you always want to be sure you’re working with professionals for your heavy duty and light truck computer diagnostics interpretation. One simple light can indicate up to 50 problems with your vehicle, and while some of them are straightforward and easily resolved, others are nuanced and can indicate something more serious. Understanding the reading upfront can save you a great deal of money down the road!

On-board diagnostics (OBD) are incredibly helpful in letting a driver know that there’s a problem to be reviewed, but without the computer hookup to your vehicle, drivers have little clue what the actual problem could be. When the “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” lights flash and stay on after starting your vehicle, this is a good indicator that you need to take your vehicle in for servicing—and soon. The system could be identifying something as straightforward as a missing gas cap, an engine misfire or a more complex electrical issue.

While a check engine light that stays lit while you’re driving is bad, one that’s blinking is terrible. This indicates a potential catastrophic failure, and means you need to head to the shop immediately to have it reviewed and diagnosed. Don’t tow heavy equipment or drive fast—just get to the shop at your earliest convenience.

When your heavy duty or light truck computer diagnostics light goes off before you make it to the shop, you should be free and clear. Who knows, you could even be having a problem with the light itself! Often, this is caused when there is a problem such as a loose gas cap that was tightened or a spark plug issue that cleared up. You’re safe unless the light comes on again or begins blinking.

The new diagnostics are much more complex than simply plugging a handheld device or a laptop into your truck and looking for a fail code. Instead, technicians are relying more on information from the Internet that can help diagnose problems with heavy duty and light trucks with computer diagnostics that are much more complex than they have been in the past. Technology has improved so much that it’s much faster and easier to pinpoint exactly where the problem is and get it fixed; especially when you’re working with a repair shop that understands the vehicles and their potential problems.

J & W Fleet Maintenance Services is your partner to keep your medium duty and heavy duty trucks on the road. Our computer diagnostics technicians truly understand your trucks, and will do everything possible to keep you moving.

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