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Diesel Repair and Diesel Specialists in Calgary

February 18, 2013
By Jeffery White

Buses, trucks and other vehicles that run on diesel can’t be repaired in just any garage or repair shop; they need Calgary diesel repair. It’s important that a diesel repair shop has specialists to do the work, as the engines, transmissions and other parts of diesel vehicles are different from vehicles that run on gas. J & W Mechanical Fleet Services has a team of specialists that do all of this.

What Diesel Specialists Do

Although diesel specialists have to be trained in repairs with diesel products, they do a lot of the same tasks as normal auto mechanics. They are responsible for following inspection checklists, test driving vehicles to determine problems, reading and interpreting computer equipment, and using hoists or hydraulic jacks to lift heavy parts, buses and trucks. Specialists also need to be able to take parts and equipment apart and put them back together again. This kind of repair is becoming increasingly complex as more electronic systems are used in engines and other parts, making continued education very important. However, this is what customers can expect from Calgary diesel repair.

Services Available at J & W

Anyone who needs Calgary diesel repair will get the attention they need from J & W Mechanical Fleet Services. This company is family owned shop that works on heavy duty trucks and trailers. It has been serving the Alberta city for more than 15 years, providing repairs to air conditioners, engines, differentials, drive-lines  tire repair and transmissions. The shop also provides the following services: air conditioning recharges, brakes, computer diagnosis, EFI flush, electrical, fabrication, new tires, tire changeovers, welding and much more. It is also licensed to conduct safety inspections, which requires strict standards to be followed.

Customer Service

J & W Mechanical Fleet Service works with a range of customers, from the smallest of trucking companies to the biggest corporate-owned fleets. It has been providing heavy duty truck and trailer repairs and other services for years, building a reputation of goodwill, quality and fairness so that their customers want to spread the word. When customers arrive at the shop, the diesel specialists aim to make them long-term customers by giving them the service they deserve.

J & W’s Mission and Promise

J & W Mechanical Fleet Services was founded in 1998, and its specialists have more than 170 years of experience combined in repairing and servicing heavy duty trucks and trailers. The Calgary diesel repair shop has been so successful because its mission is to do the best job it can. The company strives to care about its customers, provide consistent services and charge fair prices. Following these principles, it will continue providing reputable, honest and reliable services to customers so they are pleased to do business with the company.

Diesel specialists have to equip themselves with the know-how to work on heavy duty trucks and trailers, and the specialists at J & W Mechanical Fleet Services meet this requirement. There is simply no other Calgary diesel repair shop that will treat its customers and their trucks like the specialists at J & W.

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