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Calgary Clutch & Transmission Repair

March 12, 2013
By Jeffery White

The transmission is one of the most complex parts of a Truck. As a result, it is often one of the most expensive parts to repair, especially when it comes to heavy duty trucks . When shopping for a good Calgary transmission and clutch repair company, it’s important to find a team with the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. At J & W Mechanical Fleet Services, truck owners will get the services they need at prices they can afford.

Wearing Down the Engine

Because of the heavy  use of a truck driver’s vehicle, truck owners typically wear down their vehicle’s engine transmission or Clutch a little  quicker than most car owners do. The amount of torque and horsepower can cause transmissions to wear out, clutches to fail, and gears to begin grinding even when the truck is doing minimal work. Before you start noticing strong smells, unpleasant squeals or grinding noises, or diminished performance, truck owners should schedule their vehicle for regular maintenance.  If you wait until the damage gets bad, you could be put out of commission for weeks with expensive transmission or clutch and drive line repairs. Its always a good idea to have regular maintanance do to try and prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Large Truck Transmissions

Large truck transmissions are specially designed to withstand harder use than car and light truck transmissions. They typically haul much heavier loads and in more strenuous conditions, requiring the engine to work that much harder to switch between gears. The transmission is usually manual and may or may not have synchronizes and as many as 18 forward speeds and two backward speeds. The unique design of the transmission needed to accommodate these qualities requires a great deal of specialized knowledge. Most transmission repair specialists are used to small car and truck transmissions and do not have experience working on such vehicles.

Large Truck Clutches

Further, the clutch mechanisms on large trucks can vary widely. Large diesel trucks such as the ones J & W specializes in may have main and auxiliary shifts with Lo/High range splitters or separate stick and button shifters. Clutch repair technicians who have only worked on simple six-slot H-box shifters will be ill-prepared for work on these much more complicated vehicles. With double clutch designs and clutch brakes needed to keep certain large trucks from grinding between gears when stationary, only the most skilled technicians can properly service and install a clutch on a truck, without further issues.

Transmission Repair

When truck owners bring in their vehicle for their regular maintenance, the experts at J & W will walk them through a full diagnostic of the truck’s transmission. They will likely recommend a transmission flush at regular intervals in the truck’s life, to maintain the appropriate viscosity levels and keep the parts well lubricated. Any metal shavings or debris will be removed to keep from clogging the system and leading to more costly repairs down the road. Specialists will diagnose any problems with the gearboxes, and the gears themselves, paying attention to any subtle grinding that the driver may not have noticed yet.

Clutch Repair

The leading Calgary transmission and clutch repair specialists will also properly adjust the truck’s clutch and advise the driver what to look for and when he will need to adjust the clutch again.  With use, clutches can wear down and require a great deal more effort to properly engage. The clutch may become engaged only after the driver’s foot has nearly reached the ground, a condition that may lead to delayed gear shifts and further transmission damage. J & W Mechanical Fleet service technicians will adjust the clutch to engage and shift the gears at the truck’s prescribed “free travel” range. Each model of truck is different, so only a trained expert should be trusted with adjusting, fixing, or replacing the clutch on a large trucks.

Why Choose J & W

Truck owners may choose to go to a non-specialist for their truck’s repair needs. For certain needs, such as a simple routine transmission flush or filter replacement, non-specialists can easily complete the job. However, non-specialists may not have the valuable skills, tools  and experience to notice problems before they get too big. Shavings in the transmission system, a loosened clutch pedal, lincage problems, or a sticky gear box can all lead to much more dangerous complications down the road. The experts at J & W know what to look for when they perform routine maintenance and can save drivers money and liability down the road.

For the best in both transmission and clutch repair, J&W Mechanical Fleet Services is the obvious choice. They provide the most knowledgeable and experienced technicians around, and they are the absolute best in customer service. Whether faced with a heavy idle, a sticky clutch, or even diminished fuel economy, the team at J & W is ready to help get their customers trucking. Because trucking is your living.

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