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Benefits of Using a Diesel Engine

June 19, 2016
By Jeffery White

If you are getting a single truck for your business, or you already own a fleet, then you are probably running those vehicles on diesel fuel. Vehicles that have a diesel engine have a number of advantages and benefits that make them an ideal choice. Let’s look at some of the biggest benefits that diesel engines offer.

A Diesel Engine May Be More Efficient

When you compare a gasoline engine to a diesel engine, you will find that the diesel engine is generally going to be the more efficient of the two, as well as the more powerful of the two. Gas engines burn hotter than diesel engines, and this is one of the main reasons that the gas engines tend to have a shorter life.

Better Than Before

If you haven’t been around a diesel engine in a while, then you probably remember them as being overly loud. It seemed like you could hear a engine coming from a mile away. Today, that’s no longer the case. You will find that the diesel engines are quiet when compared with their predecessors from years ago. They emit far less pollution than they once did as well.

Excellent Mileage

If you have trucks that you are using regularly for your business, whether you are hauling something across town or across the country, you probably pay quite a bit of attention to the cost of fuel. Diesel fuel is able to get fantastic mileage. An engine can provide you with at least 25% better fuel economy than gas engines. Imagine how much you could save when your company starts to use diesel vehicles rather than gas-powered vehicles.

The fuel is also able to provide more torque to the driveshaft than you are able to achieve with a gas engine. This means more power for hauling, while still being able to enjoy the fuel economy.

Care for Your Diesel Engine

We’ve covered some of the biggest benefits of having a diesel engine, but that’s assuming that the engine is in good shape and that you take proper care of it. Whether you have a single truck, several, a fleet, or even just your own personal vehicle, you need to make sure that you give the engine the attention and care that it needs. Even though they tend to be more reliable and rugged, this certainly doesn’t mean that you can neglect them. Take the time to keep the engines in shape, and they have the potential to last for a very long time.

In fact, the cost of maintaining a diesel engine is actually much lower than it used to be, which is yet another benefit of this type of engine. For example, the diesel engines do not have spark plugs or spark wires, and this can help to lower the maintenance cost as well. Since they have the potential to last longer, this is also another way that you will be saving.

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