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5 Services You Didn’t Know Calgary Truck Shops Offered

February 25, 2015
By Jeffery White

You’re a road warrior, regularly hauling heavy loads across the country. Or maybe you’re an RV owner, set to explore the world. In both instances, you’re driving a diesel vehicle and have more than likely used the services of a Calgary truck shop in the past. However, there are some services available that you might not realize (and might not realize their importance to your vehicle).

Trailer Suspension

Trailers are more than just boxes on wheels. They’re very close to being vehicles in their own right, and have many of the same components that you’ll find on trucks and other vehicles. Suspension components and service are available from Calgary truck shops to ensure that your ride remains smooth and your load as undisturbed as possible.

Wheel Bearings

In order to keep turning smoothly, your truck or RV uses wheel bearings. They’re essential to operation – once a bearing seizes, that wheel won’t turn any longer. Trying to force the issue can cause some real damage, including to the hub, the axle and possibly the driveline. Calgary truck shops can offer to check your bearings, wheel bearing packing and replacement services to keep things rolling along smoothly.

Appliance Repair and Replacement

Both trucks and RVs have appliances, and those appliances are subject to wear and tear, and eventually failure. Whether we’re talking about a mini-fridge in the RV that runs on propane or the refrigeration unit that keeps your trailer chilled and loads within their temperature range, service, repair and replacement are essential considerations.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Trailer been damaged by a falling branch, ice or snow? RV roof suddenly develop a leak? Both RVs and trucks are subject to damage from a wide range of threats, and repairing them isn’t as simple as you might think. Thankfully, many Calgary truck repair providers offer custom metal fabrication in both steel and aluminum to ensure that you’re able to get safely back on the road once more.

Appraisals for Insurance Claims

Like consumer vehicles, RVs and trucks must be insured, and when damaged, they must be appraised before a claim can be submitted. In the world of consumer vehicles, those appraisals are generally done by employees of the insurance company. With big trucks and RVs, a certified Calgary truck shop can do the job.

These are just a few of the surprising services available with the right truck shop.

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